Why You Should Join 750words.com

About two years ago, I picked up a copy of The Artist’s Way.  I didn’t get too much out of it, to be perfectly honest, but I could see it being helpful for people who struggle with their creativity. One thing I did find exceedingly useful in that book, however, was the concept of morning pages.

It’s a simple concept. wake up. handwrite 3 pages, no edits, no critiques. The novel was really specific that they should be handwritten, and I do understand the appeal of handwriting, the scatch of pen, the smell of the paper… all of that nonsense. But, I don’t  hand write anything.

When I write creatively, I pretty much start at a computer. When I’m typing, the words are more likely to keep up with my mind, I like the noise, and hand cramps don’t happen. It’s no fun to wake up and then immediately induce hand cramps. So… I did morning pages for a couple of months and then gave it up.

Cut to this year.

Whilst on the lookout for the perfect distraction free writing software (which I still haven’t found, suggestions are welcome), I stumbled upon 750words.com. 750words is basically morning pages, with the typing, adorable animal badges, and fun statistics. So, I joined and, yeah, free-writing is relaxing, it bolsters creativity, it prevents homicide. I suggest it.


These are some of my stats for today and you can see my adorable animal badges, which are fucking adorable. There’s also some, questionable, word analyzing stats that will describe how introverted your feeling or whatever.

My favorite feature about 750words.com is the metadata feature which you can use to track pretty much anything via a simple syntax. I mostly use it to make notes for myself, whenever my rambling thoughts stumble upon something interesting. For instance, on January 31, somewhere in my 750words I typed RESEARCH: Shitty First Drafts to remind myself to check if the domain name shittyfirstdrafts.com was taken. It was. whatever, .org is fine. I’ll make a mission statement for my fledging organization any day now.

The point is, try 750words.com. It’s free for the first 30 days, after that it’s just $5 dollars a month. They don’t ask for a card before hand and just assume you want to join and start charging you, the first 30 days are free, period. I find it to be a really helpful way to start my day, or to get out some of my nonsense before writing – for the record this blog post was originally going to be about something completely different, so I’m someone who has an excess of nonsense.

Also, for the record, I’m not affiliated with 750words.com or getting a kick back or anything, I just think it’s a good service…

So yeah, I’ll be back Monday, hopefully, with another Writing Prompt. Also I tried to cut down on the ellipses, you’re welcome.

One thought on “Why You Should Join 750words.com

  1. Love this. I tried out 750 words a while back, but at that point I wasn’t serious about it. Then I read ‘The War of Art’, and that blew my mind and completely changed my attitude. Glad someone else has found it so powerful. Thanks for sharing!

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