10 Letter Challenge

I’m tempted to name this post, “What I did today, instead of working on this blog,” but I promised, or at least implied a writing prompt so, I’m going to do a writing prompt. Today’s prompt, much like last weeks, is sort of a nonsense prompt. It’s basically a word-based logic puzzle, that I picked up from The Pocket Muse by Monica Wood. It’s a decent book if you suffer from the same reading about writing, instead of actually writing problem that I have.

The prompt is basically, choose 10 letters randomly, write them down, and write sentences using words that start with the letters in the order you wrote.

The sentences, in my experience, tend to … play it a bit fast and loose with the idea of a sentence, and I doubt that the next great idea will emerge from this exercise. But this can be useful, It’ll help you think outside the box and it works your writing muscles or whatever.

Using a random letter generator I found on the Google machine. I ended up with these letters:


and from those letters, I ended up with these sentences:

“Heard Terrie Called in…” Nathan said, Jackie looked off morosely.

Heaven turned cold instantly, nobody sang, just lusted over more.

“Head towards Carsonville.” Instructed Naomi, softly. Jessica listened only momentarily.

Here, Talia crossly insisted Nora sit jelled like orange marmalade.

Hotel towels. Coffee, instant. Never settled. Jumping, leaping on minutes.

So, yeah… that’s pretty much the idea. If you’d like to try this exercise and are having a difficult time of it, I have two pieces of advice. The first, which is in itself difficult, don’t take the exercise or yourself too seriously. My second, probably more useful piece of advice is to make a list of words that start with your letters before you try to write your sentences – you may or may not use any of the words but they’re a nice security blanket when you manage to convince yourself that no words begin with the letter ‘O’

3 thoughts on “10 Letter Challenge

    1. I was getting duplicates too, ultimately I just ended up generating more than ten letters and discarding duplicates until I ended up with ten different letters… I may have “accidentally” discarded an X also…


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