Hello again, it’s been a minute So, the end of the month – or the fiscal month – at my work place gets sort of hectic so, I’m going to plan from now on to just not blog that week – and I’m announcing it here so that I’ll not feel horribly guilty next time it rolls around…

Anyways, it’s Monday… so I pulled a prompt from my handy prompt jar the prompt was: Write an Acrostic. Acrostic poems are those handy poems you wrote at the beginning of the year in like primary school where the first word of each line spells out a word or phrase.

For instance:

There’s not really too many rules which is a bit of a problem for me… I’m not much of a poet, so I like rules lots of rules… fill in the blank poetry is pretty much what I like to write, if I for some reason have to write poetry… but still it’s a good intro to poetry exercise – or at least I think it is because it’s one of the first things assigned in literally every writing class I’ve ever participated in…

Anyhow… I decided to use The Daily Post Writing Prompt as a base,  today the prompt is Imagination… Also thanks to A. P. Christopher for encouraging me to check out the Daily Post’s prompts instead of just scrolling past them (if you’re into actual poetry, you should check out his work) and so, without further ramblings, I present an exercise in ostentation…



Internally, eternally
Moment after moment,
An idea, it flashes
Giving, Guiding, Grating,
In my mind, I see something beautiful and strange,
Nothing real can ever be so great.
And day after day,
The pages blankly stare at me,
Images that won’t be brought to light
Opulent dreams that linger out of sight
Nevertheless, I’ll search a way to bring my imagination to life.


So… Yeah… I’ll be back Friday writing about something that is currently undecided… I should really make a schedule. This would be easier if I had a schedule… perhaps that’ll be what I’ll write about Friday. Ciao for now.

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