Adventure!!! What I Did Today… Instead of Working on This Blog…

I’m going to be honest… the only reason I’m posting, is that I said on Monday I would post today. I didn’t plan out what to post. Work has been a bit hectic this week, so I decided I didn’t want to spend my off day trying to come up with something interesting to write, I wanted to go on an adventure. So I did.

I drove up to Asheville, North Carolina, I’ve been meaning to visit since I moved to the area about a year ago, and for some reason I never have. It was a nice day trip, I went to the salt cave and sat around in silence for 45 minutes and thought through some plot points of my work in progress (which was pretty much my plan for the day sans adventure, but I feel like paying to sit silently did somehow made me more productive). And then I just sort of ambled around Asheville.

I stopped at the Thomas Wolfe Memorial and took a tour of the boardinghouse that he grew up in. Full disclosure, I’ve never read any of his work, but he had a pretty interesting – albeit short – life story… then again… everyone’s life story seems pretty interesting once it’s done, when all that’s left is amusing anecdotes and heartbreaks. The tour guide was very knowledgably though, I can’t remember his name. And I left with a small notebook and a copy of Wolfe’s Look Homeward, Angel. I’ve read the first couple of pages… he writes in very long sentences… there are 60 words before the first sentence ends… as someone who often plays fast and loose with sentence structure, I guess I can’t judge, but, I can see why the ever succinct Hemingway was not a fan.

After visiting Thomas Wolfe’s childhood home, I hit Malaprops Bookstore, which was one of the big reasons I wanted to go to Asheville in the first place – I’ve got this ridiculous list I’ve made of the “best” independently owned bookstores in America, and a not-so-secret dream of one day taking a cross country road trip to hit them all.. and yeah, Malaprops is definitely one of the best independent bookstores in America. Also… it’s a lot bigger than I expected. The thing with a lot of little bookstores is the gimmicky gifts start to outnumber the books – which make sense in the Amazon economy – but Malaprops had a great selection of books, I feel like if I was looking for something specific they’d probably have it. I wasn’t looking for anything specific, so I just picked up something reference-y and interesting looking Trickster Makes This World by Lewis Hyde and I bought a mug… because, one can never have enough mugs.

A picture to break up text. It’s me. 

After Malaprops, I walked around a bit more checked out some art galleries. I ended up buying two prints by Sarah Goodyear  at the Kress Emporium because I don’t know… they made me cry and when I have an emotional reaction to something I want it… even if I can’t explain why I had the reaction. Maybe it’s because a lot of her work is just… aggressively lonely… I don’t know.. Maybe, probably, it’s because I got word that my cat died today and I was due for a cry, but I saw a lot of art today, and her’s was the only that made me feel something… so yeah, art. Art is good.

So yeah. My first trip to Asheville was successful, I ended up leaving with a couple books, a mug, a ginormous piece of salt, and art. I’ll probably try to make another trip that way soon, it’s actually a lot closer than I thought it was, and Malaprops has all sorts of events that look pretty interesting… So yeah… That’s all I got… I’ll be back Monday, with a writing prompt so that should be fun, right? Adieu.

Boo Kitty, Halloween 2013. He was a Batcat and thrilled, absolutely thrilled. 




One thought on “Adventure!!! What I Did Today… Instead of Working on This Blog…

  1. I am sad to hear about boo kitty… but happy to hear of your trip to the hipster capital of NC! Good bloggin’!


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